Test Vision 2020 Issues Call for Papers

April 1, 2013. Test Vision 2020 will convene July 10-11, 2013, in San Francisco in conjunction with Semicon West. The workshop examines where the test industry is heading and provides a forum for discussing solutions to emerging test problems as Moore's law enables denser, larger, and faster heterogeneous devices.

The event organizers have issued a call for papers. Proposals must be received no later than May 2, 2013. Authors will be notified of the disposition of their presentation by May 16, 2013, and must submit their final presentations by June 16, 2013, for inclusion in the Workshop Notes, which will be provided to attendees on a memory stick.

Representative topics include

  • future-proof ATE capabilities,
  • test methods for future defects,
  • 3-D device testing,
  • power test for green technology applications,
  • power-management testing,
  • protocol-aware test,
  • system-level test,
  • high-speed I/O test,
  • standards,
  • MEMS test,
  • manufacturing flow optimization,
  • RF and SoC test,
  • adaptive and concurrent test,
  • ATPG,
  • low-cost application-focused testers,
  • 450-mm wafer test, and
  • ATE software.

See “Vendors Drive IC Advancements,” “MEMS technology roadmapping could address test challenges,” and “Malefactors expected to attack 3-D ICs” for EE-Evaluation Engineering's coverage of last year's event.


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