UEI Debuts Analog Input Boards

March 26, 2013. UEI has announced the release of four new analog input boards. All four of the boards offer eight analog input channels, 24-bit A/D resolution, and 120 kS/s maximum sampling rates. All four boards also offer complete, 350-Vrms channel-to-channel and channel-to-chassis isolation. The DNR versions are for use with the company’s RACKtangle chassis, while the DNA versions are designed for installation into the PowerDNA Cube chassis. The DNx-AI-218 offers a ±10-VDC input range suitable for most general-purpose DAQ measurements, while the DNx-AI-228-300’s ±300-VDC input range makes it suitable for a host of high voltage applications including battery testing, power plant monitoring, and aircraft power monitoring.


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