Anritsu Debuts Portable Instruments and Software Options

March 11, 2013. Anritsu Co. has introduced Windows-based remote-control software for its PIM Master MW82119A high-power, battery-operated, portable PIM test analyzer. With the software, field technicians on the ground can control an MW82119A configured on top of the tower, making it easier and more efficient to conduct highly accurate Passive Intermodulation (PIM) measurements, especially for difficult-to-access sites, such as Remote Radio Head (RRH) installations. The free software is compatible with any laptop or tablet operating with Windows XP SP2 through 64-bit Windows 7. Connection to the PIM Master MW82119A can be made over Ethernet or compact Wi-Fi travel router. The new software continues Anritsu’s commitment to providing the marketplace with test solutions that address field market conditions. The software will work with all six PIM Master MW82119A models.

Anritsu also introduced the MS2027C and MS2037C, two new members of its VNA Master handheld vector network analyzer series. The MS2027C VNA Master, which provides frequency coverage from 5 kHz to 15 GHz, specifically addresses complex cable, waveguide and antenna field test needs with accurate, vector-corrected 2-port magnitude, phase, and time or distance domain measurements. A 2-port, 2-path, fully-reversing VNA, the MS2027C can be used by field engineers and technicians to measure and display all S-parameters with a single connection. Fast 350 µs per data point sweep speed makes the MS2027C suitable for filter tuning.

The  MS2037C adds integrated spectrum analysis for on-site verification or trouble-shooting. The MS2027C has a price of $22,550, and the MS2037C price is $30,950.

In other news, Anritsu also said that AT4 wireless and Anritsu have announced an agreement to bring Anritsu test equipment for 3G and LTE conformance and carrier testing to the AT4 wireless network of testing laboratories. The agreement includes RF, radio resource management (RRM), and protocol testing equipment, which will be located in Spain, the U.S., Taiwan, and Japan.

“The AT4 wireless Group has important coverage for mobile communications and wireless testing. By adding the Anritsu equipment, AT4 wireless now will provide greater capacity and coverage, not only in terms of productivity and validated test cases—where Anritsu has a leading position in 3G and LTE—but also in terms of carrier’s acceptance test plans coverage, which have become critical for AT4 wireless customers. This new investment positions AT4 wireless as a leading testing company for all the key module and wireless technologies worldwide, being the only one with presence in Latin America, Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific, and North America,” said Fernando E. Hardasmal, Deputy GM at the AT4 wireless Group.

Finally, Anritsu said it is the first test equipment manufacturer to exceed 10,000 validated protocol conformance test cases across all Work Items and frequency bands for LTE and LTE Inter-RAT. The milestone, achieved at the recent GCF meeting, was accomplished on the ME7834 Mobile Device Test Platform.

“We are proud of our leadership position in LTE conformance testing, which continues with this milestone achievement. Network operators, device suppliers and chipset manufacturers rely on the ME7834 platform to ensure LTE and 3G devices meet the standards specified for protocol conformance to ensure a trouble-free market introduction of new products and technologies.  By continuing to add to the capability of the ME7834, we are providing the LTE community with a fully integrated test system that ensures device compliance faster and more thoroughly,” said Wade Hulon, general manager and vice president of Anritsu Company.

Anritsu submitted more than 1,300 additional protocol test cases for approval at the GCF meeting. As a result, Anritsu’s total test cases approved by both GCF and PTCRB now exceeds 10,000. This sustained effort in test case development provides LTE chipset and device developers with the earliest access and largest test coverage available in a single test platform, and ensures long-term confidence when investing in Anritsu Protocol Conformance Test (PCT).

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