NI joins Industrial Internet Consortium to drive IoT change

National Instruments has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium in an effort to drive changes in the future of the Internet of Things. The move comes in the wake of significant attention afforded to IoT technology at the August NIWeek event, and the topic has been highlighted at other recent events as well, including the International Microwave Symposium, Sensors Expo, SEMICON West, and Test Vision 2020.

At “NI News in Real Time,” Laura Arnold writes, “As we discussed at this year’s NIWeek conference, we work very closely with customers who are creating countless 'things' in the industrial internet and the consumer internet, from smart factories to smart cars. These customers face a constant demand to provide flexible solutions that accelerate productivity.”

She continues, “We can’t ignore the fact that IoT is widely fragmented, with various standards and certifications required for applications to communicate, exchange data, and use the information to its fullest extent. There is a stronger need than ever to collaborate on the network that makes IoT a reality.” Membership in the IIC, she adds, will help drive the conversation toward solving problems that no one company or engineer can solve alone.

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