Video offers peek into LXI Conference China 2013

The LXI Conference China 2013 took place May 22 at the Rigol Technologies campus in Beijing. The conference focused on the technical challenges and solutions for connecting test instrumentation via the network and demonstrated how these are addressed using LXI.

Organizers report that attendees learned what LXI instruments are and what the customer benefits are, and they got an overview of the state of the LXI Standard and a look at where it is going.

Attendees also saw case studies for LXI applications. They were brought up-to-date on the latest developments in the LXI standard, including HiSLIP and IPv6, and they learned how to migrate existing applications and develop new ones using HiSLIP.

They also learned how to set and configure an LXI instrument and how to work with thier IT departments during the process.

In addition, they learned about the IVI ( and its importance in developing LXI applications.

And finally, instrument makers learned about the benefits of getting their instruments LXI-certified.

Bob Stasonis of Pickering Interfaces and Xing Fei of RIGOL Technologies served as event co-chairs.

If, like me, you were unable to get to Beijing last week, you can still get a flavor of the event from this video. (I hadn't realized David Bowie was interested in modular instrument architectures.)

If you’re in North America and are looking for an event closer to home, you can catch up with the LXI Consortium at Autotestcon 2013 September 16-19 in Schaumburg, IL.

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