Wearable tech treats pain, monitors UV exposure

Wearable technology continues to be a field attracting innovative development efforts, as companies pursue intelligent jewelry and personal health devices.

Two examples include an adhesive patch designed to provide pain relief and a UV-sensing bracelet that notifies you when to reapply sunscreen. These devices join a glowing bracelet (which I described last week) that offers customized color notifications for incoming calls, texts, and social media app notifications.

The pain-relief patch, under development by Thimble Bioelectronics, is designed to provide pain relief through transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). Gizmag reports that the patch will include integrated Bluetooth connectivity and will come with a smartphone app for pain tracking and management.

The UV sensing bracelet is called UVeBand. It employs energy-harvesting technology, so it's self-powering and reusable. A vibration motor notifies the wearer when it's time to reapply sunscreen. The developers are raising funds on Kickstarter.

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