Hewlett-Packard reportedly plans to split

Hewlett-Packard is planning to split, according to the Wall Street Journal. As early as Monday, the company plans to announce the separation of its computer and printer business from its corporate hardware and services business.

“The move is one HP and its investors and analysts have long contemplated. It would come amid a wave of breakups and spinoffs at technology companies and in the wider corporate world, underpinned by the idea that companies with a narrower focus perform better,” the Journal reports.

Notably, HP spinoff Agilent Technologies recently divided into two companies—with Keysight Technologies embodying the electronics test-and-measurement business that was the focus of Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard when they founded their original company in a Silicon Valley garage.

Forbes speculates that the printing and personal-computing operation would likely retain the HP brand and that the enterprise operation would need to pick a new name.

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