Report: Over 600,000 5G mm-wave radio units to ship through 2025

A new market research report from Mobile Experts finds that the impending need for mm-wave bands will drive major growth in orders for 5G mm-wave radio units over the next six years.

Inset 5gmmwave 2019 InfographicMobile ExpertsThe group's synopsis of an 85-page report released in March is headlined, "More Than 600,000 5G Mm-Wave Radio Units to Ship Through 2025," explaining that mobile operators will rely on such units to satisfy demand for more data, despite its technical challenges.

"The impact of adding 5G capacity can be dramatic," commented Mobile Experts principal analyst Joe Madden. "The operator can reduce the cost per GB of data from $1 per GB down to less than $0.10 per GB—if this is done right. Mobile operators can boost their capacity to capture the entire broadband market, not just the mobile broadband market. We see this as the best next step for some operators in the market--keyword being some."

Mobile Experts' report synopsis mentions how the development of CPEs, handsets, and hotspots for mm-wave systems has advanced dramatically, and the integration of semiconductors by players like Qualcomm and Intel has significantly lowered costs. 

"5G Millimeter-wave will be a global technology…eventually," Madden added. "During the next five years, the market will be concentrated in the USA and Korea, due to high density of traffic and high ARPU in these two markets. The US remains the prime market mainly due to a shortage of spectrum in the 3.5 GHz range. Worldwide rollout will be slower, but could last through 2035 and even beyond,."

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