EXFO launches next-generation multimodule platform

April 12, 2014. EXFO Inc. has announced the launch of the FTB-2 Pro Compact Platform, a compact platform for high-speed, multi-technology and optical testing.

The FTB-2 Pro performs high-speed and multiservice testing and can handle the rigors of the field. The platform boasts a 10″ high-resolution widescreen display and connectivity via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet, and multiple USB ports, making it accessible in any testing environment. By leveraging the latest Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro operating system, the FTB-2 Pro offers the ability to run many third-party applications.

The FTB-2 Pro supports up to two 1-slot modules simultaneously such as a combination of Ethernet and OTDR modules. It also supports spectral and multi-layer testing.

The new FTB-2 Pro platform supports these products:

  • The FTB-88100NGE field-testing solution, supporting 10M to 100G rates in a single module. It offers comprehensive and fully integrated test capabilities covering OTN, Ethernet, and SONET/SDH technologies as well as CFP and CFP2 transceiver coverage.
  • The FTB-5240S and FTB-5240S-P, offering the first Pol-Mux optical spectrum analyzer for coherent 40G/100G DWDM systems and intelligent in-band OSNR measurement for 40 Gbit/s and ROADM deployments.
  • The new FTB-8830NGE, the 10G multiservice test module delivering comprehensive test suites for turn-up, circuit validation, and troubleshooting of Ethernet, SONET/SDH, OTN, Fibre Channel, and SyncE/1588 PTP services at up to 11.3 Gb/s.
  • The FTB-7000 series of OTDRs, including the FTB-7200D, the FTB-7300E, and FTB-7600E, which offer single mode and multimode configurations available at several wavelengths.

Like all EXFO's platforms, the FTB-2 Pro is compatible with EXFO Connect, a cloud-hosted solution that allows network operators to optimize field-test workflow and tackle major operational barriers with automated asset management and test data management.

“Today's high-speed networks demand testing solutions that are flexible, scalable and powerful enough to handle mass high speed link deployments. The FTB-2 Pro highlights EXFO's unwavering commitment to delivering powerful, intelligent platforms that address the challenges facing operators today,” said Etienne Gagnon EXFO vice president, Physical Layer and Wireless Division. “The FTB-2 Pro delivers the processing power, speed, ruggedness, and modularity of a high-end platform in a compact form factor. This new member of the FTB ecosystem allows field technicians to have access to the tools they need and sets a new standard in high performance platforms.”


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