Despite online surge, study shows print offers high ROI

Do you prefer to get your information through print or online? If you're reading this blog, you're online, as this blog doesn’t appear in print (although I might adapt blog posts for print editorials). Most likely, you prefer a mix of online, print, and other media.

Of course, advertisers are very interested in knowing how you like to get your information. International News Media Association (INMA), a provider of global best practices for news media companies, reports on a European study conducted in part by GfK Panel Services that measured return-on-investment (ROI) for different media.

The study involved media exposure and purchase behavior across ten advertising campaigns, including an Internet provider, Vodafone, and several retail establishments. the study concluded that print offers the highest ROI—print magazines topped the list at 130%, newspapers ranked second at 120%, and online came in third at 110%. Radio and television fared poorly, at 90% and 60%, respectively. Read the details here.

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