OCXO Expands Satcom and Military Capabilities

December 31, 2013. Precision Devices Inc. has announced the high-temperature (to +90°C) VN01 and VN03 series of oven controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO). These products are suitable for applications like satellite communications and a variety of military systems where extremely high-temperature operating environments are the normal.

“Many harsh environment applications require higher operating temperatures than the typical +70 or 80°C products generally available in the market. Moving to 90°C is not a trivial thing,” according to Barry Arneson, director, oscillator engineering. “Due to the nature of how an SC cut crystal functions in conjunction with the oscillator, this is a significant step forward.”

Tom Sokol, vice president of sales, said, “Our customers have asked for this type of product. This helps them solve the problem of being able to operate systems at higher temperatures. In many cases, they can reduce the cooling requirements of their systems. There are even instances where they can eliminate it all together. This reduces the power required for the overall system which can reduce size and weight too.”


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