Megger Test Leads Assess Wind Turbine Lightning Protection

May 20, 2013. Megger, a manufacturer and supplier of test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical-power applications, now offers a new series of test leads for use with wind turbines. The KC Series leads are long enough to be used for assessing the continuity of lightning protection conductors in wind-turbine blades.

Developed in conjunction with key wind turbine manufacturers, the KC Series eliminates the time consuming, inconvenient, and unreliable process of engineers and technicians having to fabricate their own test leads.

Available in three lengths, 328 feet, 164 feet and 98 feet, the KC Series can be used on site or in a manufacturing plant. Each testing lead comes standard on a heavy-duty cable reel that is fitted with a friction brake to avoid tangles when reeling out the cable.

These new test leads have been designed with large, robust Kelvin clips for easy termination. Each lead set includes a 16-foot cable fitted with a duplex handspike for probing the lightning receptors on the tips of the turbine blades.

For use with most modern low-resistance ohmmeters, the KC series leads are suited for use with Megger’s DLRO 10HD, which combines a rugged construction with high test current capability.

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