Yavne, Israel. Orbotech announced that imec has named its SPTS Technologies company as a new supplier of physical vapor deposition (PVD) solutions for under-bump metallization (UBM) and redistribution-layer (RDL) processes for next-generation fan-out packaging technologies. imec has selected SPTS’s Sigma fxP PVD solution as the new process tool of record (PTOR) for low-temperature PVD for development of novel fan-out technologies such as micro-bumps for chip-scale packaging.

“To meet the technical requirements of future micro- and nano-electronics, novel 3D integrated circuit (IC) architectures need to be developed to meet scaling challenges without compromising cost, performance, and power budgets,” stated Kevin Crofton, president of SPTS Technologies and corporate vice president at Orbotech. ”Imec works closely with leading semiconductor companies to develop innovative wafer-level packaging architectures that will meet the performance requirements of next-generation devices such as application processors that drive virtual reality applications or enable high performance computing for artificial intelligence. We are proud that imec selected SPTS’ Sigma for its 3D System Integration Program, reflecting our PVD solutions’ excellent results, particularly in low temperature RDL and copper pillar creation on low temperature tolerant polymers. We look forward to working with imec and its partners in developing innovative interconnect and fan-out technologies.”

Crofton added, “SPTS specializes in UBM/RDL PVD for flip chip and fan-out applications, and our low temperature PVD capabilities will support the development of a range of new interconnect technologies at imec, including flexi bumps, to address the scaling and packaging needs of future generations of nano-electronics.”

imec selects SPTS Sigma fxP PVO for 3D system integration platform
Rick Nelson
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