EE – August 2016 Product Picks

1608 Ppicks195DC/DC converter

The NXE2 Series 2-W surface-mounted DC/DC converters are footprint-compatible with similar 1-W and 2-W devices available on the market and measure just 12.5 x 4.36 x 10.41 mm. The converter is constructed using fully automated techniques in a halogen-free iLGA inspectable package with an integrated transformer. This approach increases product reliability and repeatability of converter performance.

The series comprises four models with nominal input voltages of +5 or +12 VDC and outputs of +5, +12, or +15 VDC. Input-to-output isolation of 3 kVDC is standard across the range. The NXE2 series is suitable for use in industrial automation, instrumentation, and transportation equipment. It also is intended for use in telecom, wireless, and medical designs that require a low-power isolated DC voltage. Murata

Functional test platform

The GENASYS functional test platform now includes two new products. Building on the architecture of the GENASYS switching subsystem, the vendor has added the GX7017 integrated GENASYS chassis to the GENASYS product line, providing digital, analog, and high-performance switching capability within a single, compact, 6U PXI chassis footprint. The GX7017 is a 20-slot 6U PXI chassis with an integrated MAC Panel SCOUT mass interconnect receiver that can accommodate up to nine GENASYS switching modules, eight high-performance digital instruments, and additional PXI instrument modules.

To further extend the switching capabilities of the GENASYS platform, the vendor has introduced the GX6864, a 500-MHz, 75-Ω RF multiplexer switch module for high I/O count, video switching/test applications. Marvin Test Solutions

FFT option

An improved FFT option now is available for the U5303A PCIe 12-bit high-speed data acquisition card. This card features two channels and a sampling rate from 1 GS/s to 3.2 GS/s. Designed for astronomy, physics applications, and environmental measurements requiring frequency-domain signal processing, the card allows observation of phenomena never observed before with previous instruments, offering a step forward in terms of linearity, dynamic range, and spurious free dynamic range measurements.

1608 Ppicks197While providing continuous real-time FFT at full sampling rate, this option also enables spectra accumulation capability, a key requirement for radio astronomy. This application option comes with a dedicated FFT spectrometer graphic user interface to facilitate fast initial startup, display, and export of the acquired FFT data. Keysight Technologies

1608 Ppicks198Debug firmware upgrade

A J-Link firmware upgrade supports the embedded ST-LINK on STM32 Nucleo, STM32 Discovery, and other microcontroller unit evaluation boards from STMicroelectronics. The upgrade turns a board’s ST-LINK interface into a fully functional J-Link, which then can be employed to debug the board’s application processor. By upgrading to the J-Link firmware, developers subsequently will be able to set an unlimited number of breakpoints in flash memory and debug their applications considerably faster, resulting in better use of engineering resources and shortened time to market. SEGGER

TEDS force sensors

HBM’s growing line of force sensors is available with a Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) memory module designed to store sensor properties, thereby simplifying the process of configuring a force measurement system.

1608 Ppicks199 1024x547A TEDS module speeds the system configuration process by having the individual characteristics of the force sensor, including sensitivity, nominal (rated) force, supply voltage, serial number, and transducer type saved to memory when the sensor is delivered. The amplifier system reads the chip automatically and configures the measurement module with the correct sensor data. HBM

1608 Ppicks20060-GHz development system

The PEM009-KIT 60-GHz development system offers designers the ability to perform product development and experimentation of single and multicarrier high-bandwidth modulation covering 57 GHz to 64 GHz in the globally unlicensed ISM frequency spectrum.

The development system supports a variety of I/Q (vector) and FSK/MSK modulation schemes from a user-designed baseband system or a vector-modulated programmable arbitrary waveform generator. The system is configured as a standalone benchtop wireless link where transmitted power directly from the waveguide aperture is equivalent to a 7-dBi gain horn antenna with a 70-degree wide beam pattern that’s useful to test and demonstrate various modulation schemes and data rates. Pasternack

1608 Ppicks201 300x300High-voltage reed relays

Series 67 and 68 reed relays are available for up to 10-kV stand-off, 7.5-kV switching, with an option of either PCB or flying-lead switch connections. Similar in specification to the vendor’s Series 60/65, these new relays are manufactured in a single-in-line format using former-less coils, which dispenses with the more usual coil supporting bobbin, allowing a smaller package than similar rated devices.

The package design presents some interesting possibilities for high-density applications such as multiplexers and matrices in instrumentation and test systems; Series 67 relays mounted on a 3U PXI 12-way high-voltage multiplexer module illustrates these possibilities. Pickering Electronics

1608 Ppicks202 300x300USB hub

The USB-104-IHUB medical/industrial/military-grade USB hub features the company’s Tru-Iso signal isolation up to 4 kV, extended temperature operation (-40°C to 85°C), high-retention USB connectors, and an industrial steel enclosure for shock and vibration mitigation.

The USB-104-IHUB makes it easy to expand the number of USB ports and provide up to 4-kV isolation between the host computer and connected USB peripherals. Applications include factory automation, hospital and medical, energy management, military/mission-critical, transportation, security systems, and process monitoring. $295. ACCES I/O Products

Spectrum monitoring module

The MS27100A spectrum monitoring module brings the vendor’s RF spectrum-analysis technology to OEM applications. Engineers designing systems to locate illegal and unlicensed interfering signals within wireless networks can integrate the MS27100A into custom hardware to achieve a cost-efficient, accurate tool primarily for security, aerospace, and defense applications.

1608 Ppicks203Covering the 9-kHz to 6-GHz frequency range, the MS27100A is capable of sweeping at rates up to 24 GHz/s, allowing many types of signals, including periodic or transient transmissions as well as short “bursty” signals, to be captured. Anritsu

1608 Ppicks204 300x200High-density receptacles

Four off-the-shelf receptacles are suitable for use in high-density configurations down to 1-mm pitch. Each receptacle contains the company’s three-finger beryllium copper contact with a diameter range of 0.008 inch (0.2 mm) to 0.013 inch (0.33 mm). The contact is characterized by a low insertion force, making it compatible with miniature leads subject to bending.

Two of the receptacles, 0439-0-15-15-04-27-04-0 and 8210-0-15-15-04-27-04-0, have solder tails for through-hole applications. The 4428-0-43-15-04-14-10-0 is a low-profile, solder-mount, open-bottom model. The 9928-0-15-15-04-27-40-0 is a SMT receptacle mainly used for 1-mm grid socket configurations. Mill-Max

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