PI touts quick delivery of piezo systems

Auburn, MA. PI, a provider of piezo systems for photonics, microscopy, semiconductor, and automation markets, said it has added advanced and affordable nanopositioning controllers to the mix of piezo systems on its quick-delivery list. These systems are geared toward OEM production automation, metrology systems, scientific research, and lab-automation applications.

“The on-hand availability, coupled with rapid shipment, enables quick integration without long lead and planning times,” said Dr. Mathias Bach, head of business development and product management, Product Division Piezo-Systems. PI’s innate expertise in producing the highest quality piezo systems with short lead times will continue to lead the market in the future.”

The company offers a video overview of piezo-motor designs here.

Piezo motion is used when an application requires any combination of these parameters: fast response, high precision, high force, long life, maintenance- and lubricant-free, compact, non-magnetic, and UHV compatible.

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