July 2013 Product Picks

PXI Programmable Power Supplies 

The NI PXIe-4112 and NI PXIe-4113 modules provide high power density that saves rack space while simplifying design by eliminating the need to mix multiple instrumentation form factors. When programmed with LabVIEW software and paired with a range of PXI hardware instrumentation, the new power supplies can help engineers create a complete customized test solution.

The programmable power supplies are suitable for a range of applications from aerospace and defense to automotive and component test. These modules feature two 60-W power supply channels in a single PXIe slot. The NI PXIe-4112 supports 60 V at 1 A per channel, and the NI PXIe-4113 offers 10 V at 6 A per channel. The two channels can be used together to create a single 120-W channel. To synchronize measurements, engineers can combine the power supplies with more than 1,500 PXI modular instruments ranging from DMMs to RF analyzers and generators and trigger the instruments across the PXI chassis backplane.  National Instruments

1U System Power Supply 

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The Model 9115 multirange programmable DC power source delivers up to 1,200 W in multiple combinations of voltage up to 80 V and current up to 60 A. With a high-density, 1U form factor and standard 19-inch rack-mountable design, this DC power supply can replace multiple power supplies on a bench or in a rack, making it suitable for a variety of benchtop or ATE system applications.

The 9115’s multiranging capability automatically recalculates voltage and current limits for each setting and can provide wide voltage and current operating ranges without forfeiting high output power, saving bench space by eliminating the need for large bulky power supplies or multiple units.

On the front panel, the 9115 features a high-resolution, 1-mV/1-mA VFD display, independent voltage and current control knobs, cursors, and a numerical keypad for direct data entry. It also provides internal memory storage to save and recall up to 100 instrument settings. $1,695. B&K Precision

Low-PIM Anechoic Chambers

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The ATC Series anechoic antenna test chambers are designed for measuring antennas from 700 MHz to 6,000 MHz. Besides a high shielding coefficient of >90 dB, the ATC Series generates low residual passive intermodulation (PIM). The chambers incorporate specifically designed pyramidal electromagnetic absorbing material.

The ATC Series chambers offer shielding of >90 dBm over a frequency range from 700 MHz to 6 GHz and are PIM-rated better than -165 dBc at 2 x 43 dBm. With a cylinder diameter of 1.8 m, the chambers are available in different lengths. Standard types ACT27, ACT32, and ACT35 come with cylinder lengths of 2.7 m, 3.2 m, and 3.5 m. Customized versions are available on request. The chambers can be equipped with one, two, four, or six DIN7/16 antenna port bulkheads, allowing the test of a variety of antennas, including multiband and MIMO types. AWT Global

Thermistor Probes 

The TH-21 Series probes are constructed with a glass encapsulated thermistor element that enhances stability and accuracy. With a maximum continuous temperature rating of -80°C to 200°C (-112°F to 392°F) and intermittent operation to 250°C (482°F), these sensors can be used in applications previously out of reach of epoxy-coated thermistor sensors. The probes can be ordered in any length, but the company recommends a minimum immersion depth of 1.5 inches because short probes run the risk of error due to stem-conduction effects. The devices have M12 connectors and are suitable for laboratory, R&D, automation, and automotive applications as well as HVAC, manufacturing, and chemical industries. From $65. Omega Engineering

Software for USB Protocol Analyzers 

A new analysis software suite for the U4611A, U4611B, and U4612A family of USB protocol analyzers features the MegaZoom technology, offering USB device designers insight into their designs’ behavior and streamlining USB test and validation.

MegaZoom delivers up to 18 GB of deep memory data capture without the sluggish response times and complex user interfaces inherent with traditional analyzers. With patented indexing techniques performed in proprietary FPGA designs, MegaZoom can analyze the 5-Gb/s bidirectional data of USB 3.0 in real time. Results are displayed in seconds, providing instant access to all events in the capture with a single click. MegaZoom is not a special mode—it performs at full bandwidth in every capture, regardless of additional triggers and analysis performed by the analyzer. Agilent Technologies

Digital Multimeter

1307 Ppicks208The DM3058E digital multimeter offers 5½-digit resolution and a dual-display. The LXI-certified DMM features measurement speeds of up to 123 readings per second; it can save or recall up to 10 preset configurations, including built-in cold-terminal compensation for thermocouples. The DM3058E also offers true-rms AC voltage measurements from 200 mV to 750 V and true-rms AC current measurement from 20 mA to 10 A.

The DM3058E provides a flexible platform for an engineer’s common measurement needs. In addition to true-rms AC and DC voltage and current measurements, the DM3058E can measure DC voltage (200 mV to 1,000 V), DC current (200 μA to 10 A), AC current (20 mA to 10 A), frequency (20 Hz to 1 MHz), and two-wire and four-wire resistance (200 Ω to 100 MΩ). It also has diode, continuity, and capacitance modes. $449. Rigol Technologies

Embedded Vision System 

The EOS-1220 GigE embedded vision system features third-generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processors, four independent power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ports, full compatibility with GigE Vision cameras, and support for smart PoE APIs, allowing remote switching of PoE status. With high-end CPUs and multichannel connectivity in a compact housing, the EOS-1220 is suited to multicamera imaging applications such as 3-D robot guidance.

By combining PoE and IEEE 1588 support enabling single-cable transmission of power, signal, and data synchronization, the EOS-1220 cuts cabling requirements by as much as 60%. In addition, the EOS-1220 provides smart PoE APIs, allowing remote switching of PoE status.  ADLINK Technology

EMI Diagnostics Software

The R&S FSW-K54 software option for the R&S FSW high-end signal and spectrum analyzers supports EMI bandwidths in compliance with commercial and military standards. It includes a database of predefined limit lines as specified by international standards as well as correction factors for typical measurement tasks.

The EMI option allows users to optimize shielding design features, making it easy to test how design and circuit modifications will affect EMI performance. To capture all disturbances, the R&S FSW uses a high maximum number of sweep points—200,001—for this application. Up to six traces with different EMI detectors can be active at the same time. Rohde & Schwarz

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