Landenberg, PA. W. L. Gore & Associates has announced that Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) is endorsing GORE PHASEFLEX microwave/RF test assemblies for use with its new R&S ZNBT20 multiport VNA.

The new R&S ZNBT20 true multiport vector network analyzer offers up to 16 integrated test ports. The unique hardware architecture from the R&S ZNBT8 has been extended to 20 GHz, allowing users to characterize multiple devices under test in parallel and thus increase throughput. The R&S ZNBT offers the high measurement performance of a two-port network analyzer at each of its test ports.

To address the demanding requirements of high-density and modular test instruments for wireless devices and aerospace systems, Gore has introduced GORE PHASEFLEX microwave/RF test assemblies, Type 0N—the smallest, lightest, most internally ruggedized assembly on the market today for modular, multiport, and multisite test applications, the company reports. Gore’s high-density test assemblies ensure consistent, repeatable measurements with stable electrical performance up to 50 GHz.

Josef Wolf, vice president, T&M Analysis Products at Rohde & Schwarz, said, “With GORE we have found an ideal provider for microwave cable assemblies. Offering highly reliable, phase stable cables, their products are the perfect match for our multi-port VNA solution. This enables us to offer our customers the fast and reliable test results they expect from Rohde & Schwarz.”

Gore microwave/RF test assemblies selected for R&S VNA
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