Your new EE weekly newsletter

Mike HockettWe at Evaluation Engineering have previously rolled out a couple big changes since the start of 2019. We overhauled the look our monthly print magazine, modernizing it with better use of art and design and hit the ground running with it in January. That same month, EE launched its new website, which simplified and centralized its predecessor.

We have another change for you we're pretty sure you're going to like. Tuesday, April 2 is the first deployment of EE's new weekly e-newsletter, which replaces the daily version readers had been getting. April 9's newsletter will be the first in an all-new layout.

Less can be more in a lot of applications, and we know email is one of them. And as much as we love to connect with our readers, going from a daily to a weekly newsletter will cut down on the amount of emails readers receive from us each week. At the same time, going to a weekly allows us at EE to improve the quality of the newsletter, filling it with more staff content than before, and relying less on aggregated content.

Ee Logo RedDeploying at 10 a.m. CT every Tuesday going forward, the EE Weekly Update will contain a mix of our latest feature articles, blogs, and news articles, briefs, new product releases, and more. We'll continue to bring you the latest developments in the field of electronic test & measurement, just in a different email frequency. We will continue to update the website daily with fresh content as well.

The weekly newsletter comes from the same email domain as the daily did, so there is nothing subscribers need to do on their end to receive it.

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