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Cutting Energy Waste Through Higher Efficiency

Electric motors can consume up to 30% of the total energy a system requires in standby mode...

RF Measurements Performed with Modular Digitizers

Modern modular digitizers offer greater bandwidth and higher resolution than...

Top 5 Test Challenges for RF Products

What are the most common RF test issues today? Read this concise eBook and find out what RF product makers are facing in a world of product innovations, constantly evolving RF standards, greater interoperability and wireless everything. View Whitepaper

3 Hidden Oscilloscope Specs That Really Matter

All oscilloscopes are listed with specifications like sampling rate, bandwidth, and voltage range, but are those the best specifications to use when you choose a new instrument. Understanding the quality of an oscilloscope requires reading a little further into the user manual. See why...

Divide and Conquer: Hierarchical DFT for SoC Designs

Cut test pattern count and DFT time with a hierarchical DFT methodology with pattern retargeting. Hierarchical DFT takes a “divide and conquers” approach, in which each core is isolated by wrapper chains, and core patterns are retargeted to the SoC level. This paper describes the Mentor Tessent hierarchical DFT methodology.

Get 7 Tips for PXI & AXIe test solutions-now on DVD

PXI and AXIe modular instruments offer a lot of benefits and we'd like to share some tips to help you take full advantage of them. Get Keysight's latest tips, techniques, myth busters, application notes and videos, conveniently packaged on a DVD that help solve...

7 Tips for Selecting Modular Test Equipment for Wireless Applications

Many multifunction devices require wider bandwidths, complex modulation schemes and multiple transmit and receive chains, which significantly increases device complexity and test expense. This application note provides useful tips on how to select the right test instruments which enable you to reduce design time,...

VTI Instruments

Using LXI Advanced Triggering Methods to Reduce ATE Test Times Automatic test equipment (ATE) systems are widely used across a range of industries including manufacturing, avionics, aerospace, military and defense, particularly because of their efficiency. When multiple test instruments are required to work...

Agilent Technologies

Agilent Multi-Channel Car Radio Audio Testing Using the Agilent U8903A Audio Analyzer Test requirements in the automotive audio industry have grown increasingly stringent. Manufacturers are now expected to perform multi-speaker and multi-channel tests while increasing throughput, all without compromising test quality. Read this...