Brightworks Technology announces 2nd power supply family in its new development initiative: The Cortina Series

Brightworks Cortina SeriesCARLSBAD, CA—Brightworks Technology, Inc., a global provider of AC/DC power and OEM manufacturing solutions direct to customers, announces the addition of the new Cortina Series of external power supplies as part of a recent global corporate development initiative to meet the demanding requirements of industrial and medical applications. 

“Today’s industrial, test instrumentation, audio/video, and medical applications require higher efficiency, and smaller size as well as adherence to more strict safety requirements for the emerging medical home health market,” explained Robert L. Carl, president of Brightworks Technology. “Through our development initiative and opening beta testing to select customers, we will be able to deliver a power solution that meets or exceeds requirements for real-world applications at competitive prices when our Cortina series is launched later this year.”

The new Cortina family of isolated AC/DC converters will feature 94% efficiency while meeting the Department of Energy’s Level VI requirement, European Union’s Code of Conduct, Type 2, as well as 2 Means of Patient Protection (MOPP) and EMC 4th edition for medical applications. The compact external adapters will be available initially in four voltages, delivering 90W of output power with a universal input of 100 to 240 Vac with a precise regulated single-output voltage selection of 12, 19.5, 24, or 48 VAC. The design will also meet IP42 requirements for moisture protection and features self-protection modes of UVP/OVP, OCP, OTP, and SCP. Low power controllers, thermal management, quality electrolytic capacitors, patented magnetics, and layout will contribute to the model’s long life and high-reliability design. The power supplies will be in full compliance with IEC/EN62368 and IEC/EN60601 safety requirements.  

The Cortina Series will be on display during the Del Mar Electronics Manufacturing show at Brightworks’ booth #705 May 1-2, 2019.

Designers working on systems with these power requirements are invited to apply to be part of the company’s Cortina Series beta test initiative. For more information, contact Brightworks at 858-275-6423 or www.brightworks-usa-com.

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