August 2019 Featured Tech

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Coaxial IDC Connectors for industrial & automotive

AvxAVX Corporation has released the first wire-to-board RF coaxial IDC connectors for industrial and automotive applications. The initial release of the new 00-6791 Series RF Coaxial IDC Connectors is comprised of two small, single-piece solutions suited to different types of coaxial cable and features a patented one-touch coaxial cable termination mechanism that simplifies the connection process. The new RF IDC connectors deliver high-quality RF performance that surpasses that of cables soldered directly to a PCB, have a lower component cost and smaller physical size than traditional two-piece RF connectors with comparable performance.
AVX Corporation

Robust angle sensors

NovotechnikThe RSB 3600 Series of absolute single-turn angle sensors are noncontact sensors with galvanized steel housing and stainless steel shaft with up to 100 N working shaft load for HD version. They are sealed up to IP 69K—depending on version. RSB 3600 Series sensors are EGMR (enhanced giant magnetic resistance) devices that retain their angular position even when power is removed. The sensors retain that angle information for years without power. There is no need for batteries. Operating speed is up to 12,000 RPM. RSB 3600 Series versions have a MTTF of more than 105 years.

Lever-actuated spring pin socket for 200-watt BGA3589

IronwoodIronwood Electronics’ BGA socket addresses high-performance requirements for microcontroller unit CBT-BGA-6090. The contactor is a stamped spring pin with 19 gram actuation force per ball and cycle life of 125,000 insertions. The self-inductance of the contactor is 0.93 nH, insertion loss < 1 dB at 14.1 to 21.9 GHz. Contact resistance is <30mOhms. The current capacity of each contactor is 4 amps at 60C temperature rise. Socket temperature range is -55C to +180C. Socket has a floating guide for precise ball-to-pin alignment. The configuration of the package to be tested is a BGA, 55x70mm, 1mm pitch, 3589 position, 54x69 ball array.
Ironwood Electronic

Right angle X-Code M12 connectors

Te ConnectivityTE Connectivity offers extremely ruggedized X-code M12 right angle connectors for field assembly in a range of railway applications. The connectors enable safe and reliable data transmission speeds of 10Gb/s, even in harsh environments. The M12 right angle connectors have 360-degree shielding. They are very compact—only 42.5 mm high. To support optimal connectivity between the connector and the cable, each combination has been matched. An important advantage for installers is that, because they come partially pre-assembled and have jacket crimping, final assembly time in the field can be as much as 30% shorter than with other connectors.
TE Connectivity

Pitch-and-roll stages

OesOES’ expanded series of Pitch-and-Roll Stages measure pitch-and-roll, do micromachining, align mirrors for scanning electron microscopes, rotate objects to precise positions, measure angles of objects or move an object to a precise angular position along an arc, examine cutting edges of medical instruments, estimate measurements of radiation patterns of LEDs, hyperspectral bidirectional reflectance, or provide orthogonal rotation. The stages meet the requirements of applications such as: Angle range - 20O (± 10 O), 30 O (± 15 O), and 90 O (± 45 O), height of rotation, size (footprint), and load capacity.

RF and microwave signal generator expands frequencies

RohdeThe analog microwave signal generator R&S SMA100B now provides microwave signals up to 67 GHz with industry-leading RF performance. In overrange operation, it even provides signals up to 72 GHz. The R&S SMA100B generates signals with lowest single sideband phase noise and highest output power with extremely low harmonics at the same time. With the new frequency options, the R&S SMA100B now covers frequency ranges of up to 31.8 GHz, 40 GHz, 50 GHz and 67 GHz. Thanks to its ultra low phase noise option, the R&S SMA100B can output the purest RF signals with a single sideband phase noise of -120 dBc/Hz (40 GHz, 20 kHz offset; measured).
Rohde & Schwarz

550 to 650W modular power supplies

Tdk LambdaThe TDK-Lambda brand QM4 modular power supplies, rated at 550 to 650W, further extend the QM series, which can provide up to 1500W output power. The QM4 models are available with up to 10 outputs, have full MoPPs, isolation, and low acoustic noise. The power supplies are suitable for use in medical, test and measurement, communications and broadcast equipment. Accepting a wide range 90 to 264Vac, 47-63Hz input (440Hz with reduced PFC), the QM4 can deliver 550W at low line and 650W with a high line 180-264Vac input and will operate in ambient temperatures of -20 to +70°C (-40°C start-up).
TDK Corporation

Multichannel, mixed-signal RF converter platform

Analog DevicesAnalog Devices introduces a mixed-signal front-end (MxFE) RF data converter platform that combines high-performance analog and digital signal processing for a range of wireless equipment, such as 4G LTE and 5G millimeter-wave (mmWave) radios. ADI’s new AD9081/2 MxFE platform allows manufacturers to install multiband radios in the same footprint as single-band radios, which can triple call capacity available in today’s 4G LTE base stations. With a 1.2 GHz channel bandwidth, the platform also enables wireless carriers that are adding more antennas to their cell towers to meet the radio density and data-rate requirements of mmWave 5G.
Analog Devices
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