San Francisco, CA. Advantest chose SEMICON West to highlight , first, the addition of a mixed-signal channel card to its Wave Scale MX product family, and second, the T5822 memory tester—the newest member of its T5800 product series, optimized for wafer-level testing of DRAMs, NAND devices, and other nonvolatile memories used throughout portable electronic devices.

The new high-resolution, highly accurate mixed-signal channel card extends the Wave Scale MX product family’s range in testing analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog waveform converters. The new Wave Scale MX high-resolution card combines high parallel testing capability with reliable AC and DC performance. These attributes allow Advantest’s V93000 test platform to meet the increasing low-distortion, accuracy, and linearity requirements in testing analog and digital waveform converters while also helping to reduce the cost of test and time to market for consumer audio and IoT devices.

“Our new high-resolution Wave Scale MX card has the highest channel count and density,” said Hans-Juergen Wagner, senior vice president of the SoC Business Group at Advantest. “The card can support wider signal ranges and enable higher output levels from audio components.” The card provides high performance and fully independent AC and DC testing across as many as 32 instruments—16 arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) and 16 digitizers—for either single-ended or differential signals. It has local, temperature-controlled references that ensure the highest DC stability over time, and single-ended signals can be referenced to a ground sense per channel to achieve high fidelity. An additional parametric measurement unit (PMU) at each pogo ensures accurate DC measurements. The card also can handle swings of up to 20 VPP for single-ended signals and 40 VPP for differential signals. All functions are controlled by Testprocessor software to maximize throughput and repeatability.

Memory test

Advantest also said it has launched the T5822 memory tester, the newest member of its T5800 product series, optimized for wafer-level testing of DRAMs, NAND devices, and other nonvolatile memories used throughout portable electronic devices.

With mobile applications booming, semiconductor manufacturers need low-cost solutions for high-volume testing of a wide range of price-sensitive memory ICs, the company said. The T5822 is designed to provide manufacturers of multiple memory devices with cost efficiency and optimal functionality, including full test coverage of as many as 1,536 devices in parallel with data transfer rates up to 1.2 Gb/s.

The new tester offers high-voltage resources such a level driver and DC testing capability along with an economical compact test head. It also features a memory repair analysis (MRA) capability to help customers maximize their yields.

Using Advantest’s FutureSuite operating system, the system is compatible with test programs for a wide range of memory devices. With output voltages from -10 to 13 V, it provides the flexibility and economic performance to handle low-pin-count to high-pin-count devices.

In addition, the T5822 has the same modular architecture as its predecessors, providing users with a seamless transition from any other T5800 series tester.

“The T5822 is an optimal mixed-memory test solution, enhancing customers’ ROI while also reducing risk,” said Masuhiro Yamada, executive officer at Advantest.

Advantest debuts mixed-signal card, memory tester at SEMICON West
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