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Agilent Technologies
Agilent White Paper
Trueform Waveform Generator Test Challenges Application Brief
Download a compendium of application briefs that discuss generating complex waveforms with many points, using a waveform generator to create PRBS signals, synchronizing two signals, creating differential signals, sequencing waveforms for added flexibility and efficiency, and simulating signals with the highest signal integrity, all with the latest Trueform Technology.  

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Rohde & Schwarz

Oscilloscope Fundamentals – Download the Guide

This primer gives insight into the most important specifications to consider when using an oscilloscope — beyond the banner specs. Key topics include types of digital oscilloscopes and their basic elements, the display system and user interface, probes, benchmark specifications, typical oscilloscope measurements, and much more.

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7 Ways a Test and Quality Management Platform Can Improve Your Bottom Line


 Averna white paper

Manufacturers spend millions of dollars every year on test assets and managing the data they generate but few of them can be certain that those assets are delivering the desired value. Download this white paper to learn about emerging test quality management platforms that can deliver measurable return on investment indicators of the bottom-line impact and value of these assets.

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Download Power Supply Hints to Help Solve Power Test Challenges   


Increasing throughput reduces the amount of test equipment and the physical constraints of a manufacturing site. The resultant improved work flow will also reduce inventory costs. Agilent’s Advanced Power Supplies are designed to increase throughput while providing the highest level of protection to your device under test. 

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