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California wants autonomous cars to have steering wheels

 By Rick Nelson on August 21, 2014

Autonomous vehicles have no need of steering wheels or pedals, and Google has developed cars without them. It's good that Google hasn't deployed a vast fleet of such vehicles, because the California Department of Motor Vehicles has issued new rules that would seem to require a steering wheel and pedal. The


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August Special Reports

August Special Report

bullet By Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor

DC loads extend operating modes

Electronic loads continue to take advantage of semiconductor advances that support increased functionality, speed, and power, all at lower cost.



August Special Report

bullet By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor

Instruments and systems measure thermal and electrical parameters

Hybrid and electric vehicles, industrial motor controls, rail transportation, and renewable energy systems demand quality power electronics devices.



Web Exclusives:

Characterizing Leakage Current of High-Voltage Semiconductor Devices

 By Jennifer Cheney, Keithley Instruments on August 18, 2014

Using an SMU with a high-voltage power supply provides a device test system with good low-level current accuracy and an accurate current limit....

Giving students convenience and flexibility with remote labs

 By Elizabeth Persico, Keysight Education Program Manager on August 11, 2014

Recently, a friend shared a memory from his days as an EE undergrad at a university in the Rockies. It was 7:30 on a typical winter morning, his dorm and the EE building were on opposite corners of the campus, and measurement lab started at 8:00....



2014 EE Salary Survey



Industry Update

Saelig offers 25-MHz digital oscilloscope-in-a-probe

August 21, 2014. Saelig Company Inc. announced that it is offering the new Owon RDS1021 Wave Rambler, a USB pen scope that packs...

GL announces UMTS IuCS interface emulation over ATM

April 21, 2014. GL Communications Inc. has announced its enhanced MAPS UMTS IuCS Interface Emulation over ATM. Karthik...

TÜV Rheinland urges compliance with ETSI standards changes

August 21, 2014. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) issued the updated versions of the EN 300 328 and EN...

Rohde & Schwarz software analyzes DOCSIS 3.1 signals

August 18, 2014. The Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications (DOCSIS) 3.1 provide fast data transmission over hybrid...

VTI offers updated X-Modal III software

August 18, 2014. VTI Instruments today introduced the updated X-Modal III software for modal analysis. This software was created...

Wireless sensors and flying robots monitor deteriorating bridges

August 17, 2014 (Newswise). As a recent report from the Obama administration warns that one in four bridges in the United States...

Anritsu announces test license agreement with Broadcom

August 17, 2014. Anritsu has announced it has entered in to a Manufacturing Test License (MTL) agreement with Broadcom Corp....

IPC simplifies comparison of lead-free solder alloys

August 15, 2014. The proliferation of lead-free solder alloys gives users a wide range of features, but it can be difficult to...

GL's voice and data testing solution goes mobile

August 14, 2014. GL Communications Inc. has announced the release of its enhanced Voice Quality Testing software with Wideband...

Atmel introduces next-generation SoC for smart metering

August 14, 2014. Atmel, a provider of microcontroller and touch technology solutions, has announced the introduction of its...

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