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Utilities want to pump kilowatt-hours into cars

 By Rick Nelson on August 30, 2014

Electric utilities are looking pushing the adoption of electric vehicles in order to sell more kilowatt-hours, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. The companies are looking to roll out electric-vehicle charging stations, although they are creating controversy in their proposed method of funding charging-station projects....


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September Special Reports

September Special Report

bullet By Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor

Finding the happy oscilloscope medium

Midrange scopes provide nearly identical basic capabilities, but, it’s the unique features each manufacturer includes that may provide the most value.



September Special Report

bullet By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor

AUTOTEST spans legacy replacement to new systems.

Building and maintaining MIL/Aero electronic components, subsystems, and systems require an array of sophisticated bench and modular test equipment.



Web Exclusives:

Board test in a repair depot: bridging past and future

 By Luca Corli, Worldwide Sales Manager, Seica SpA on August 27, 2014

If you're used to a manufacturing environment, board test in a repair depot will look very different....

Giving students convenience and flexibility with remote labs

 By Elizabeth Persico, Keysight Education Program Manager on August 11, 2014

Recently, a friend shared a memory from his days as an EE undergrad at a university in the Rockies. It was 7:30 on a typical winter morning, his dorm and the EE building were on opposite corners of the campus, and measurement lab started at 8:00....



2014 EE Salary Survey



Industry Update

EXFO launches real-time network performance monitoring

September 2, 2014. EXFO Inc. has unveiled EXFO Xtract, a comprehensive monitoring platform using a combination of patented...

Allegro Microsystems offers galvanically isolated current-sensor IC

September 2, 2014. Allegro MicroSystems LLC has introduced a new current-sensor IC for AC current sensing in industrial,...

CAERI builds Chinese crash-test facility

September 2, 2014. Numerous developments in the area of vehicle safety are significantly influenced as a result of current NCAP...

Transcat acquires Ulrich Metrology, expands reach in Canada

August 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE). Transcat Inc., a provider of accredited calibration and compliance services and distributor of...

Salt Lake Community College earns NASA grant

August 29, 2014. Salt Lake Community College has been awarded part of more than $17.3 million being offered by NASA’s...

Vietnam Semiconductor Strategy Summit highlights announced

August 29, 2014. SEMI has announced the keynotes for the 2nd Vietnam Semiconductor Strategy Summit (September 16-17), an...

European MiWaveS project addresses 5G networks

August 28, 2014. CEA-Leti announced today that a consortium of 15 telecommunications operators, vendors, research centers, and...

Mentor Graphics joins European Centre for Power Electronics

August 28, 2014. Mentor Graphics Corp. today announced its new membership in the German-based European Centre for Power...

B&K Precision offers $399 100-MHz bench scope

August 28, 2014. B&K Precision has introduced the 2190D bench digital storage oscilloscope (DSO). This compact dual-channel...

IPC releases PCB industry results for July 2014

August 27, 2014. IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries announced today the July findings from its monthly North...

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