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Merging electrical and mechanical prototypes in MIT's Engineering Design Studio

By Elizabeth Persico, Keysight Technologies* on October 15, 2014
MIT engineering students have access to what's called the Engineering Design Studio (EDS), a teaching lab where students can go from theory to idea to reality
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Test of ICs, sensors, and passive components gets boost

By Rick Nelson on September 30, 2014
Companies have recently introduced turnkey, modular, and bench instruments related to the test of semiconductors, sensors, and passive components.
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Creating a wireless test platform for industrial and academic research

By Elizabeth Persico, Keysight Technologies Inc.* on September 10, 2014
Today, there are millions of transistors inside our pocket-sized smartphones. Their complement of radios covers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and multiple cellular standards. World travelers can connect, communicate, and rock out-anytime and anywhere.
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Board test in a repair depot: bridging past and future

By Luca Corli, Worldwide Sales Manager, Seica SpA on August 27, 2014
If you're used to a manufacturing environment, board test in a repair depot will look very different.
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Characterizing Leakage Current of High-Voltage Semiconductor Devices

By Jennifer Cheney, Keithley Instruments on August 18, 2014
Using an SMU with a high-voltage power supply provides a device test system with good low-level current accuracy and an accurate current limit.
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Giving students convenience and flexibility with remote labs

By Elizabeth Persico, Keysight Education Program Manager on August 11, 2014
Recently, a friend shared a memory from his days as an EE undergrad at a university in the Rockies. It was 7:30 on a typical winter morning, his dorm and the EE building were on opposite corners of the campus, and measurement lab started at 8:00.
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The Year in EMC: from Components to a Congressman's Visit

By Rick Nelson on July 31, 2014
The run-up to the EMC Symposium provides an opportunity to review EMC news over the past year. Recent news ranges from a congressman's visit to an EMC facility to the introduction of feed-through filters
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Five Myths of Modular Instruments

By Tom Lillig, Agilent Technologies on July 15, 2014
As modular test equipment continues to grow in popularity, so have the abundance of myths surrounding advantages and disadvantages of modular vs. traditional “box” instruments.
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Let's get small: Redefining RF and education

By Elizabeth Persico, Agilent Education Program Manager on June 24, 2014
In the late '80s, I had a portable cassette player that was a marvel of Japanese miniaturization. Only 20% bigger than a tape, it had a four-band graphic equalizer in the lid and could even do auto-reverse, letting me listen to the same two albums-over and over-during trans-Pacific flights.
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Testing two birds with one stone

By Steve Pateras, Mentor Graphics on June 13, 2014
The proliferation of semiconductor into safety-critical applications such as automotive and medical opens a new can of worms for test.
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Vendors elaborate on LTE-A test

By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor on May 6, 2014
Since our May print edition, which includes a report on LTE, went to press, vendors have introduced new products or enhancements that address LTE test.
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Vendors expand on remote monitoring

By Rick Nelson on May 25, 2014
Sensors monitor everything, according to a special report in EE's June print edition. Companies including Agilent, HBM, and National Instruments offer elaboration on the topic in a Web-exclusive complement to the June print report.
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Providing new hope with an artificial retina

By Elizabeth Persico, Agilent Education Program Manager on May 4, 2014
2016 will be the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and many crew members were fascinating, including Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton), who was blind from birth.
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Transitioning from Design Validation to Production Test

By Skip Davis, Applicos NA on April 24, 2014
The need to correlate design and production test results can be supported by using a modular approach to mixed-signal testing.
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Serial Bus Decoding and Applications

By Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor on April 15, 2014
Although most digital scopes offer serial bus decoding and/or triggering functions, the capabilities and buses addressed vary widely.
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Not sci-fi: Creating meaningful on-demand labs for remote students

By Elizabeth Persico, Agilent Education Program Manager on April 9, 2014
Back in the late '70s and early '80s, many of us indulged in a certain recreational activity that provided an escape from school work. It was called reading.
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Letting the Music Do the Talking at U of M

By Elizabeth Persico, Agilent Technologies Education Program Manager on March 26, 2014
At the University of Michigan, Dr. Alexander Ganago is using music and DMMs, function generators, and oscilloscopes to bring EE concepts to life.
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Elaborating on the design, prototyping, and test of radar

By Rick Nelson on March 21, 2014
Experts elaborate on radar test issues relating to software, design, prototyping, spectrum crowding, modularity, pulse measurements, simulation, AESA, and slow-moving targets.
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Staying in the Zone

By Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor on March 18, 2014
An optimally designed anti-alias filter is key to accurate data acquisition.
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Fix the Process, Not Just the Product

By Mary Elmallakh, M. Sc., and Paul Groome, Digitaltest; and Andy Shelton, Pulse Communications on February 20, 2014
Quality management solutions integrate real-time test and inspection with engineering and production data to optimize the manufacturing process.
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Modular instruments make waves at DesignCon

By Rick Nelson on February 11, 2014
Agilent and NI demonstrated AXIe BERT and PXI LTE power-amplifier envelope-tracking test, while Pickering Interfaces highlighted its PXI and LXI switch products.
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LXI Data-Acquisition System for Wind Tunnel Testing

By Fred Bloennigen, Ph.D., LXI Consortium on February 7, 2014
LXI-based function cards provide 96 channels of 24-bit pressure data plus remote access for a wind tunnel monitoring application.
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Test Innovations for ISO 26262

By Steve Pateras, Mentor Graphics Silicon Test Solutions on January 30, 2014
Automotive safety features are experiencing large growth, and the move toward autonomous vehicles promises to even further increase the number.
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UFS PHY and Protocol Testing for Compliance

By Chris Loberg, Tektronix on January 24, 2014
With all the momentum behind universal flash storage from JEDEC with the recent publication of JESD224, the message is clear—UFS is here to stay.
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Vendors Elaborate on HSIO Test Products and Strategies

By Rick Nelson on January 12, 2014
Print and online reports highlight oscilloscopes and other instruments that tackle high-speed serial-I/O communications test.
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Scope Triggering at the Sample Level

By Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor on December 9, 2013
A high sample rate-to-bandwidth ratio and a conservatively set threshold make digital triggering relatively straightforward.
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Path to Widespread Adaptive Test Revealed at CAST Workshop

By Tom Morrow, chief marketing officer, SEMI on November 18, 2013
Adaptive test has been identified as the most essential test process and methodology change needed to achieve lower test costs by the latest release of the ITRS.
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Vendors Leverage FPGAs, SoCs to Speed Test

By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor on October 18, 2013
Advanced semiconductors present test challenges, but test vendors can leverage advanced semiconductor technology.
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Synthetic instruments make inroads with RF applications

By Tom Lecklider on September 23, 2013
Are we there yet with synthetic instruments? Autotestcon panelists answer yes, no, and maybe.
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Sessions address modular instruments at Autotestcon

By Tom Lecklider on September 23, 2013
Two Autotestcon sessions focused on modular instruments: one covered AXIe, LXI, PXI, and VXI, and the other offered AXIe architecture details.
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Vendors help customers meet modular-instrument challenges

By Rick Nelson on September 4, 2013
Modular instruments in general and PXI implementations in particular present significant flexibility in configuring ATE systems.
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Future Memory Technology for the Terabit Era

By Jan Van Houdt on August 13, 2013
At the imec technology forum held July 8 in San Francisco in conjunction with SEMICON West, Jan Van Houdt, director of the flash memory program, discussed emerging memory technologies. Here, he provides a brief summary of his presentation.
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EMC Symposium Highlights Technology, Instruments, and Software

By Tom Lecklider on August 11, 2013
EMC 2013 offered technical sessions and product highlights. Sessions covered topics ranging from spectrum analysis to antennas, while on the exhibit floor vendors highlighted products ranging from simulation software to EMI test receivers.
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Visibility boosts design and test

By Rick Nelson on July 15, 2013
When it comes to the design and test of hardware and software, it's all about visibility, according to Glenn Woppman, president and CEO of ASSET InterTech.
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TÜV Rheinland addresses energy issues, export opportunities

By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor on June 23, 2013
TÜV Rheinland was founded in 1872 to inspect pressure vessels in the districts of Elberfeld and Barmen, Germany. Today, the TÜV has expanded into a worldwide organization that employs about 17,000 people in 500 locations in 65 countries and generates annual revenues of €2 billion.
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IMS highlights microwave products and technologies

By Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor on June 11, 2013
Senior Technical Editor Tom Lecklider traveled to the International Microwave Symposium in Seattle last week and filed this report on the papers he attended and exhibits he visited.
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Workshop coverage extends from software to ATE gesture interfaces

By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor on June 3, 2013
Test Vision 2020 will cover a range of topics, from a voice/gesture ATE interface to the role of software, according to Ajay Khoche, general chair, and Pete Hodakievic, program chair.
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Wireless Test Highlighted at CTIA 2013

By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor on May 28, 2013
CTIA 2013 has provided an opportunity for companies including Azimuth Systems, Aeroflex, and Rohde & Schwarz to highlight new products and capabilities.
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Moore's Law Drives Data Acquisition

By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor on April 30, 2013
Moore's law has driven data-acquisition advances to yield systems like NI CompactDAQ and NI CompactRIO, HBM's QuantumX CX22W, Yokogawa's WE7000, and Graphtec's GL900.
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Big Data Comes to Semiconductor Test

By Tom Morrow, vice president, SEMI on April 24, 2013
While the term "big data" originated in the IT world and the Web for storing and analyzing large distributed aggregations of loosely structured data, it is now becoming a critical issue in the future of semiconductor test.
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Modularity protects investment in MIL/aero test applications

By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor, on March 31, 2013
Representatives of Agilent, Giga-tronics, National Instruments, and VTI Instruments discuss investment protection in mil/aero test applications.
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Design and test links help support multistandard radios from design to production

By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor on February 27, 2013
Industry experts elaborate on hardware and software tools for multistandard radio lifecycle test from the R&D stage through manufacturing and field service.
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Nonintrusive Test Complements ATE to Meet PCB Test Needs

By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor on January 26, 2013
Experts comment on PCB test techniques including ICT, FCT, vectorless test, and nonintrusive boundary-scan-based techniques.
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LXI Positioned for Challenging Applications

By Tom Sarfi, LXI Consortium on January 25, 2013
LXI is the standard for Ethernet control of intelligent instrumentation, offering core features and extended functions.
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Software Helps Address Signal Integrity Challenges for Serial-Bus Test

By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor on January 4, 2013
Industry experts elaborate on pre-emphasis, software tools, and the signal-integrity challenge for high-speed serial-bus test.
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Anritsu looks to eliminate "hoist and hope" with portable instruments

By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor on December 18, 2012
Anritsu expanding its lines of portable instruments with the PIM Master MW82119A and the Spectrum Master MS2720T handheld spectrum analyzers.
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ITC topics extend from jitter measurement to board and system test

By Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor on November 14, 2012
Panels, corporate presentations; sessions on jitter and phase noise, new-generation ATE, board and system test, and scan compression; and commentary on IJTAG were all highlights of ITC.
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Mild Hybridization Could Boost Automotive Efficiency

By Rick Nelson, Executive Editor on November 1, 2012
Micro and mild hybridization technologies hold promise for improving automotive efficiency, says Nick Pascoe, CEO of Controlled Power Technologies.
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Autotestcon Panelists Highlight Modular Instrumentation

By Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor on September 17, 2012
Panelists representing Agilent, NI, VTI, Modular Methods, and industry consortia addressed modular-instrument strategies.
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NIWeek Highlights Energy and Education

By Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor on August 13, 2012
An NIWeek Wednesday session afternoon highlighted LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction), while Thursday's keynote focused on education.
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NIWeek: Software Boosts Vector Signal Transceiver

By Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor on August 10, 2012
In keeping with NIWeek tradition, Jeff Kodosky, NI cofounder and business and technology fellow, kicked off Wednesday's keynote address.
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NIWeek: "We don't judge, we measure"

By Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor on August 7, 2012
NIWeek 2012 has ushered in a revised use of the Austin Convention Center facilities to tell more than 3,400 attendees about graphical systems design..
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LabVIEW 2012 shares stage with vector signal transceiver

By Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor on August 8, 2012
NI LabVIEW 2012 debuts at NIWeek along with a vector signal transceiver, which National Instruments calls the first truly "software designed instrument."
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New Breed of Semiconductors Demands New Breed of Semi Characterization and Test Solutions

By Lee Stauffer, Keithley Instruments Inc. on June 11, 2012
Lee Stauffer of Keithley Instruments looks at the test-and-measurement challenges posed by the high-voltage, high-current semiconductor devices that address energy efficiency.
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