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VTI Instruments launches EX1200-SMP high-density switch matrix

Irvine, CA. VTI Instruments announced today the release of its EX1200-SMP high-density switch matrix platform for its EX1200 Series multifunction switch/measure units. This newest addition in the EX product family features 16 integrated analog backplane lines, which reduces the need for external cabling that...

DMMs extended and refined

Today’s DMM designs are all about increasing a test system’s capability to comprehensively address diverse applications. For example, because DMMs already need to make isolated measurements, several manufacturers have added isolated digitizer functionality. This means that the same module can accomplish data acquisition and...

Algorithms, instruments rev up 5G

Engineering functions including algorithm exploration and channel sounding are driving the emergence of 5G technology. Tools able to help drive 5G evolution include software, instruments, and measurement systems, as evidenced by exhibits at the International Microwave Symposium in May in San Francisco. Mark Pierpoint, vice...

IMS sees chips and instruments targeting mmWave applications

The International Microwave Symposium 2016 was held in late May in San Francisco. At a press conference early in the week, Keysight Technologies highlighted its long-term relationship with Cascade Microtech. On the show floor, Keysight focused on the X-Series signal analyzers, the CX3300 Series...

Additive Manufacturing: Building parts one layer at a time

It’s easy to see from the many types of available systems and the innovative technologies being developed that additive manufacturing (AM) is an extremely active area. Although operating details vary widely, all of the approaches build an object in layers under computer control. One of...

Sensors: Accurate and integrated temperature measurement

Most electronic engineers know that a transistor’s base-emitter voltage (VBE) has a temperature coefficient (TC) of about -2 mV/°C. However, for precision temperature sensors, “about” isn’t good enough. A number of ingenious designs have capitalized on the basic relationship in ways that guarantee accuracy...

Sensors Expo topics span MEMS to robots and drones

Sensors Expo & Conference held June 22-23 in San Jose provided a venue for experts to weigh in on topics from MEMS to robots while exhibitors highlighted an array of sensors and related products on the exhibit floor. Opening keynote speaker Dr. Kaigham J. “Ken”...

GaN shows promise for transportation, communications applications

Gallium nitride is a promising semiconductor process for power-electronics devices serving applications ranging from transportation to communications infrastructure. Research into GaN technology, which compared with silicon offers higher breakdown voltages, faster speeds, and lower on-resistance, is proceeding as companies bring practical GaN devices to...

Design for Test: Impacting accuracy of chipmaker’s quality tests

Near the beginning of every chip design project, the design team will have a debate about the trade-off between cost and quality. One of the most vexed questions tends to be about the value of incorporating dedicated test modes into the circuit design—that is,...

Westinghouse’s 19-inch rack accommodates 8×8 MIMO test

From an email chain among a group of technical editors, the following questions recently arose: Why does the idea of mounting electronics in a 19-inch rack persist? Further, why was 19 inches chosen in the first place? As I point out in a recent blog...